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I believe it is an honour for all of us and a must as well to share and support such valuable initiative. For moral ethics is one critical aspect that identify distinguished humans, as by nature we are born with this automatic divine device which tracks us along the path of our short life to distinguish between ethical and non ethical aspects, moral and non moral concepts, and at the same time, we are always able to guide ourselves to be better humans. Therefore, it is with great honour that I am willing to join, share and support this positive initiative, believing that hand in hand we will make a difference.


This is an initiative that has been sought for long and definitely it is meant to grow. Thank you for paving the road for such a goal with perfect deeds. After all, what is a good work without a good deed?A single person might be lazy to do something, but finding out (s)he is not alone, the path is there and the goal is achieved. All my prayers and humble support to your efforts and your beautiful website.

May Allah reward you on your good deeds and great goals.

You are very close with your idea (and the quotations) to the Dean's Graduation speech. Alexander von Humboldt always insisted that universities should not train people but educate them. No science is value free and thus all scientists have to have a sound ethical background. What is more, if the scientists are not educated how should they educate their students? It would be very nice if we as members of the German University in Cairo would raise Humboldt's flag in Cairo . It is a bit ironic that the American universities were modeled on Humboldt's ideal while in Germany his ideals are more and more forgotten. Maybe in a few years we could rename the GUC into Prussian University in Cairo ;-)

I am very interested in your project and will actively support you.
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