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Character education is an ever-increasing trend in the psychology of education worldwide. Due to the vast cultural misunderstandings between the East and the West, and as violence and aggression take the lead in the world society, there has been a move toward ‘universal values'. On the marketing side, propagandists against excessive consumerism and materialism call for values implantation in the school as an effort in favor of what is known as ‘consumer education' and critical reception of the media. Schools and colleges have a central role in teaching ethics and ethical practice in society.

To read more about Character Education, check this article, or visit the Character Counts! Website and The Character Education Partnership Website.

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The Ruyah Character Education program:


Six-Module Conceptual Framework for the Character Education Philosophy
Character Education

This conceptual framework is adapted from the literature on character education including writings by Thomas Lickona (1991), (1996), and (1998);;;; and

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